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Manually import XML files into Claims Connect
Manually import XML files into Claims Connect
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In this article, we cover how to manually import XML files into CoreLogic's online claims management software, Claims Connect, so you can retrieve property data, sketches and photos from Hover.

Did you know that CoreLogic offers a seamless integration with Hover so you don't have to manually import XML files? Click here to find out how to automatically retrieve your Hover data within Claims Connect.

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Export the Hover XML file

If you already know how to export the Hover XML file, skip ahead to the next section.

Navigate to the property details page within your Hover account, then:

  • Click Export

  • Select the file(s) you want to export

  • Click Download

Navigate to the claim

  • Login to Claims Connect

  • Ensure you're in the Claims tab at the top of your screen

  • If you've already created the claim, double-click to open it

  • If you need to create the claim, follow the steps below:


Fill out the required fields in each section of the pop-up form:

  • Claim information

  • Insured information

  • Loss information

Import the XML file into the claim

Double-clicking into an existing claim OR saving the information on a new claim will

direct you to that specific claim's page, where you will see a map of the claim location along with the timeline, loss summary, assignments, and documentation.

  • Click the Documentation tab at the top of the screen.

  • At the right of the screen, click Diagrams > Import diagram

  • Drag + drop the XML file into the claim, or browse your computer for the file

Once fully imported, you will see the sketch in the Diagrams section, and the Hover measurements will appear in the Estimates section:

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