Requesting Hover data in Claims Connect

Seamlessly pass property data, sketches and photos from Hover into CoreLogic.

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In this article, we cover how to seamlessly pass property data, sketches and photos from Hover into CoreLogic's online claims management software: Claims Connect.

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Connect the Hover integration in Claims Connect

To connect the integration in Claims Connect for the first time, or to reconnect the integration, follow the steps below. If you're already connected, skip ahead to the next section.

  • Click your name in the top right corner and select DHA Connections from the drop down menu

  • Select Hover from the DHA Connections page

    • A new menu will appear on the left side of your screen

    • Toggle to enable the Hover connection

  • Enter your Hover credentials and click Validate

Create a claim

To start a claim in Claims Connect, first ensure you've clicked the Claims tab at the top of your screen.


  • Fill out the required fields in each section of the pop-up form:

    • Claim information

    • Insured information

    • Loss information

  • Click Save, located at the top of your screen

Request data

Navigate to your HOVER - DHA Connection to create a request:

  • Within your newly-created claim, click Integrations

  • Click Hover - DHA CONNECTION


Fill out the form

  • Fill out the required fields

  • Click CREATE

  • Submitting the form will send a Hover Connect - Capture Request by text message and/or email to the capturing user.

  • After the job is captured and processed by Hover, the property data, sketches, photos, and measurement PDF can be found within the Documentation tab of the claim.

Where can I find the Documentation tab?

  • Open your claim within Claims Connect

  • Click DOCUMENTATION - fourth tab from the left

  • Scroll down to view all the information that's been automatically imported

Note: When filling out the request form, the requestor's email MUST match an existing user account at Hover.

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