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Capture consistent information for every project, with the same app you already use.

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Getting the same information for every job - no matter which property it’s for or which rep is capturing it - is tough. So is adding systems to inspections, punch lists, audits and more. Not any more.

HOVER’s checklist feature allows you to collect information, snap photos, take notes, and make annotations quickly, all within the HOVER app. That means your team never misses a step, you have reliable info every time and the simple format makes it easy to hand off to anyone that needs it.

Whether you’re a contractor, sales rep, manager, installer or insurance adjuster, HOVER’s checklists make sure all the necessary information is collected and documented from the very first visit.

All HOVER users have the ability to:

  • Utilize HOVER’s out-of-the-box templates or the templates your team has created*

  • Start the inspection with or without capturing photos for measurements

  • Add and annotate additional photos

  • Download and share the checklist as a pdf

  • Create multiple reports per property

* Admin accounts are able to edit existing or create entirely new checklists and include them for the entire team.

Want to see what a checklist can look like? View a sample here!

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