In this article, we show you how to use the inspection checklist feature within the HOVER mobile app when you’re onsite to complete an inspection.


  1. Start the inspection

    1. Either immediately after capturing measurement photos or by tapping the “Inspect” button at the bottom of the screen

  2. Choose a template

    1. Multiple inspections can be completed for the same property, if needed

  3. Fill out the form

    1. Answer questions and add photos live or by uploading straight from your phone library

  4. Tap “Complete”

  5. Receive your branded PDF

    1. Download on the mobile or web app

For a more detailed look at each step, continue reading!

NOTE: If you’re an admin user, you can utilize the web portal to view and edit the out-of-the-box HOVER templates or create customized templates to gather the most meaningful data to your organization. Check out this article to find out how!

Getting started

There are two ways to begin an inspection checklist.

You can either:

  • Start an inspection without capturing photos for measurements:

    • Click the Inspect button at the bottom of the screen

    • Fill out the fields on the Property Info screen. Once all fields have been filled out, the "Start Inspect" button will turn blue.

    • Click Start Inspect

  • OR - immediately start an inspection after capturing photos for measurements in one of the following two ways:

    • Right after a live capture, click the blue "Next - Start inspection" button from the Capture summary screen

    • OR you can open an already completed job and click the blue arrow next to "Property inspection"

Choose a template

  • The template options that appear for you will depend upon which ones your org admin has already enabled.

NOTE: Don’t worry - you can create multiple inspection reports per property by clicking the Add another inspection button that pops up after you’ve completed the first inspection.

Fill out the form

  • Answer the questions

    • The ways you can answer a question will vary since they're customizable by your company. Some questions may have you:

      • Type out an answer

      • Use the number pad to type in a numerical value

      • Choose a multiple choice option

      • Toggle the slider to yes or no

      • Add photo(s) from your library

      • Take live photo(s)

  • Annotate the photos, if applicable

    • Tap into any photo to access the annotation tools, then tap 'save' when finished, to return to the previous screen.

      • Use the 'T' icon to add text descriptions to a photo

      • Use the edit icon to draw freeform on the photo and mark it up, as needed

      • You can always undo by using the undo icon on the bottom right side of the screen

  • When you've completed all the questions, click the blue Complete button

  • You're done!

Receive the PDF

Your branded PDF is available within seconds right on the mobile app screen and can be easily shared, if needed, via email or text.

  • The PDF displays the question text and the answers

  • The PDF also displays any photos attached to the inspection, including any annotated photos

Also, anyone with "Job Manager" or "Admin" access within that account can go to the website to view the inspection results and, if needed, download a shareable PDF version of the inspection checklist.

  • To open the completed inspection checklist, click View Property Inspection from the property details page.

  • All the questions and answers will be visible as well as any photos that were uploaded to the checklist.

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