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What happened to the GAF e360 app?
What happened to the GAF e360 app?

In 2021, all GAF e360 users will be transitioned to the HOVER app

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What happened to the GAF e360 app?

The GAF e360 app transitioned over to the HOVER app in March 2021. It has all the same features, job history, pricing, and support as the GAF e360 app has been powered by HOVER all along. It should be easy to make the switch as each user’s login information will remain the same.

I use GAF e360, what do I need to do?

Starting March 2021, GAF e360 users will need to download the HOVER app and log in with their existing usernames and passwords. All previous job, billing, and account information will remain the same and be available in the HOVER app.

I still have questions!

You can always reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

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