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Restoration AI Integration Overview

Using HOVER with Restoration AI

Updated over a week ago

Restoration AI is roof measurement software that assists contractors with creating proper roof estimates and supplementing insurance claims.

The HOVER integration:

  • Imports roof measurement data into the Restoration AI Roof Waste Calculator Tool and Supplementing Tool

  • Auto-populates job details from HOVER into Restoration AI to streamline the data entry process including claim number and homeowner information.

Linking your HOVER account with Restoration AI 

1. Login to HOVER as an admin for your organization.

2.Navigate to the settings menu from the top right drop down.

3. Under settings select Integrations and click Connect under Restoration AI.

4. You will then be prompted to authorize Restoration AI. Click allow to enable the integration.

Importing HOVER Measurements

1. Login to Restoration AI and create a waste report.

2. Click the Import Data from HOVER button.

3. If you have already authorized the integration, you will see a message displaying which user you are logged in as from HOVER. If not, you will be brought to HOVER to authorize the integration.

4. Search for the property you are looking into import. Once you have found the correct address, click the Fill Out button.

5. The measurements for the property and customer information will then be imported, which you can then use to complete the waste report and supplement.

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