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JobProgress Integration Overview

Using HOVER with JobProgress CRM

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The JobProgress business productivity platform reimagines teamwork and
workflow from the point of view of the home improvement contractor so
they, and their teams, can intuitively track, monitor and measure their progress.

The HOVER integration:

  • Creates HOVER jobs straight from your JobProgress dashboard saving you time in the field.

  • Creates HOVER Connect Requests to invite the homeowner to capture the photos on your behalf

  • Imports measurements directly into JobProgress and auto-populate quantities to build estimates and proposals.

  • Imports the HOVER photos and 3D model link

  • Upgrades HOVER Jobs to a higher deliverable output like Roof Only or Complete if you need more detailed measurements than a HOVER Now or Roof Only job

  • Allows you to link directly from the JobProgress mobile app into the HOVER, GAF or Beacon mobile app

Linking Your HOVER Account with JobProgress

1. Login to HOVER as an admin for your organization.

2. Navigate to the settings menu from the top right drop down.

3. Under settings select Integrations and click Connect under JobProgress.

4. You will then be prompted to authorize HOVER. Click allow to enable the integration.

5. You will then be navigated to login to JobProgress. Login using your email and password.

6. Once complete, JobProgress will indicate that you have successfully authorized. You can now select which mobile app you are using, either HOVER, Beacon 3D+ or GAF e360.

Syncing to HOVER When Creating a Job

1. When creating a job in JobProgress, toggle the "Sync with HOVER" check box.

2. Select the HOVER User from the HOVER User dropdown. The HOVER User will be listed as the "Job Creator" within HOVER and will be automatically assigned to the job. This should be the individual who will be taking the HOVER photos for a "regular job", or the individual sending the request to the homeowner for a "capture request".

In either option, either a "regular" job or a "capture request", you can specify the deliverable type. This can either be a HOVER Now, a Roof Only or a Complete deliverable. In addition, for the "capture request" option, you can set the email and phone number of the homeowner, as well as the address.

3. Once the job is created and the HOVER has been completed in the mobile app, the PDF, 3D model link, photos and measurement information will be imported into JobProgress. You can access this information by clicking the ellipsis button under the measurements tab.

4. If you want to use the measurements for an estimate within JobProgress, the HOVER roofing measurements are available for use in an Estimate Worksheet. They can be accessed by clicking the measurements drop down, and selecting the HOVER job.

Syncing HOVER Following Job Creation

1. If you have already created a job within JobProgress, you can still initiate the HOVER process from JobProgress. Navigate to the measurements tab and select "Sync on HOVER". The drop-downs and functionality will be the same as described above.

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