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How can I split a face?

Learn how you can split a face and add new material.

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With Design Pro, you can easily visualize details that add curb appeal to the house, such as stone, shakes or trim. Simply use the split button to add materials horizontally or vertically, one face at a time or multiple faces at once – it's all possible with a few clicks.

Tell me more about the split button

When you select one or more faces from the left side product menu, a blue split button will appear on the right side of your screen:

Want to see it in action?

Check out this 2 minute tutorial video to see how to split multiple faces at once, how to edit and delete a split, and how to split a face vertically.

Pro Tips

It is possible to split a face as many times as you need to, but take note of the following:

  • With horizontal splits, start at the bottom and work your way up. Once you add a horizontal split, no additional splits can be added below the line.

  • With vertical splits, start on the right and work your way toward the left. Once you add a vertical split, no additional splits can be added to the right of the line.

If you want to adjust or delete a split:

  1. Tap the face where you previously applied the split

  2. Tap the 'Edit Split' button 

  3. Adjust the location of the split or delete it all together

Want to learn more?

Watch this tutorial video to discover other Design Pro features that will allow you to build any home exactly the way your customers want. 

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