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How can I change my team’s settings to give them more or less access?
How can I change my team’s settings to give them more or less access?
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You can change the settings of your team at any time by following the below steps: 

Log into your HOVER account and click on ‘Manage Team' on top of your screen.

From here you can change the following settings of your team members: 

  • Admin: Click the box in front of ‘Admin’ if you want to give a member the ability to update your company and team members’ settings on HOVER. Admins are able to approve jobs, see all jobs, and edit payment methods.

  • Approval for jobs: Decide whether a member can immediately submit jobs to HOVER or needs to request approval before processing their jobs with HOVER (Learn more about HOVER Prospect).

  • Invite new members: Click on the ‘+ Invite Member’ button in the right corner and enter the member’s full name and email address to invite them to your HOVER account.

  • Delete members: Click on the ‘x’ button above the ‘Last Active’ or ‘Invited’ note to delete a member.

Note: Only admins can change the settings of team members. 

Pro Tip: If there are any team members missing in your account, they might be set up in a separate HOVER account. Give us a call at (844)754-6837 or email us at [email protected], and we’ll gladly add them to your account.

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