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Belgard Contractor Programs App Integration Overview
Belgard Contractor Programs App Integration Overview

Using HOVER with the Belgard Contractor Programs App

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Belgard is a hardscaping company that offers contractors hardscaping and paving materials, as well as design services. Using the Belgard Contractor Programs App, Belgard Certified Contractors can link from the Belgard App directly to the HOVER app to capture photos of the property. Then, the Belgard Design Team will generate a 3D rendering of the designed hardscaping project which can then be shared to the homeowner.

The integration allows you to:

  • Receive HOVER Connect requests from the Belgard Design Team and link from the Belgard App directly to the HOVER App to start the photo capture process

  • Once you have completed the HOVER capture, access the 3D model and measurements within HOVER

  • Once completed, use the Belgard rendering to showcase the project to the homeowner

Using the Integration

1. Once you have the Belgard App downloaded, login using your Belgard Authorized Contractor login.

2. Click the plus button at the bottom of the app to start a new project.

3. Fill out the property information within the Belgard App.

4. Click the HOVER button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you the HOVER app. If you are not logged in, login using an email that matches your Belgard Authorized Contractor account, as the capture will be associated with that email.

5. Complete the capture of the property within the HOVER app. Once done, return to the Belgard app to input any additional information, sketches and photos needed. When you are ready, submit the property to the Belgard Design Studio to receive your rendering of the project.

HOVER will notify you via email and in-app notification once the HOVER property is ready. This will include a 3D model and detailed measurement output, the same as what you would receive from the HOVER Complete 3D rendering. Please remember to submit the property to Belgard in addition to submitting your HOVER photos.

Not a Belgard Authorized Contractor?

If you are interested in the Belgard Authorized Contractor program, please refer to this link for more information.

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