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One Click Contractor Integration Overview
One Click Contractor Integration Overview

Using HOVER with the One Click Contractor

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One Click Contractor takes your estimating and contract processes from Paper to Digital. Provide your customers with a customized professional appearance and stand out from the competition.

The HOVER integration:

  • Imports measurements into the One Click Contractor dashboard instantly. Use the measurement data to automate the estimation process and create a proposal and contract without manual data entry.

  • Syncs the HOVER 3D model within One Click Contractor to allow you to showcase to customer different designs, materials, and colorways

  • Enables the import of all HOVER data in a single click through the measurements tab.

Linking your HOVER account with One Click Contractor

1. Login to HOVER as an admin for your organization.

2.Navigate to the settings menu from the top right drop down.

3. Under settings select Integrations and click Connect under One Click Contractor.

4. You will then be prompted to authorize One Click Contractor. Click allow to enable the integration.

5. You will then be navigated to login to One Click Contractor. Login using your email and password.

6. Once complete, One Click Contractor will indicate that you have successfully authorized.

Importing HOVER Measurements, Images, and PDF Report

1. Login to One Click Contractor as a user of your organization with permissions.

2. Open a Job/Customer you wish to use to import resources from HOVER.

3. From the Job Menu at the left, click the Measurements Tab, then select import

4. Find the job from HOVER you wish to import and click the Import button next to it.

5. The system will then automatically perform the following tasks:

  • Download all of the images from this job to the photos tab

  • Download the measurement PDF file

  • Download and import measurements

  • Import the 3D model in the Design Tools section for this job

6. You can now make use of these resources while you build your estimate/proposal and sell to the customer.

7. Documents Tab: The measurement PDF and XLSX files are stored on the job.

8. Photos Tab: All of the images are now available to be shown to the customer or included on the proposal and/or agreement.

9. Measurements Tab: All of the applicable measurements from the XLSX file are imported into the measurements section.

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