After capturing a property with HOVER, you will receive all measurements you need to create an accurate quote as well as a fully scaled, interactive 3D model of the property.  

Benefits of leveraging the 3D model in your sales process 

  1. Gain a competitive edge: Show customers that you're a forward-thinking company that uses technology to provide outstanding service and stand out from your competitors who only offer a quote and some samples while selling. 
  2. Win instant credibility: Foster trust by showing the homeowner exactly what the end result of your work will look like. 
  3. Engage the homeowner in the sales process: Let the homeowner play an active role in your sales process by allowing them to experiment themselves with the look of their home.
  4. Up- and cross-sell with ease: Show the homeowner what their actual home will look with different products and colors so you can more easily sell additional work or premium products. 

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Watch the video below to discover why the 3D model can be a game-changer in your sales process: 

Want to learn how to sell and upsell with the 3D model? Take a look at this video.

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