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Why has my HOVER job failed?
Why has my HOVER job failed?

Troubleshooting a failed submission which was submitted through the photo-capture experience

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HOVER can model and measure almost any property, but there are a number of reasons why a property may come back as "failed." The following are some of the more common reasons why a property may fail and how to avoid it with better quality photos. 

NOTE: If you submitted a job by uploading a blueprint, rather than through the standard photo-capture experience, you may receive a notification that your job has been "paused" for reasons other than what's covered in this article.

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Failed for insufficient corner shots

Corner shots are key. Make sure that each corner shot captures both faces of the property and both ends of the property. The easiest way to do this is by holding your phone horizontally (in landscape orientation) and stepping back until the entire house fits in the picture frame. 

For example, when taking a photo of the right corner, ensure that you capture the full front of the house from left to right, as well as the right-hand side of the house from front to back.

Failed for low-resolution imagery

The cause for low-resolution images is that too many processes are running in the background on your phone, which in turn does not allow our app to fully utilize the full resolution of the camera on your device. 

To solve this issue, make sure to close all apps that are running in the background on your smartphone or simply restart your device. This way, you can ensure that your phone uses the full resolution of its camera.

Failed for blurry imagery

To guarantee the accuracy of our measurements, it's crucial that the images are not blurry. Apply these simple tricks to avoid taking blurry images:

  • Hold your smartphone steady and don’t move while taking pictures.Carefully clean your camera lens to remove any stains.Make sure there’s sufficient daylight when photographing.

  • Carefully clean your camera lens to remove any stains.

Failed because property is not weathertight 

New construction projects have to be weathertight, meaning the roof, doors, and windows are installed.  As soon as the property is weathertight, you can capture this property again. 

Failed for too few exterior images

Make sure to take at least eight photos around your property capturing as much as possible of the exterior in each photo.

Failed for dark imagery

To guarantee the accuracy of our measurements, it's crucial that you take the pictures when there’s sufficient daylight, or by turning the flash on. You can turn the flash on in the HOVER camera by clicking the lightning bolt in the top right corner of the screen when taking a photo.

Need help?

Any questions on why your property failed? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We'll gladly help!

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