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How to custom measure your 3D model
How to custom measure your 3D model

Use the “M” key on your keyboard to measure between two points

Updated over a week ago

If you’re looking for a specific measurement that is not included in the PDF document or on the 3D model we provide, you can use the "M" Key on your keyboard to create a custom linear measurement between two points. Continue reading to find out how!

NOTE: This shortcut method will only work on a desktop. It will not work in the mobile app.

Let’s get started

  • Open the 3D model on Google Chrome or a similarly powerful web browser (like Safari or Firefox)

  • Press the "M" key on your keyboard - Your mouse will change from an arrow to a crosshair (+) sign

  • Place the + sign on the model where they want the measurement to begin (Point A) and click.

    • You do not need to hold the mouse button down - simply click once and then, as you move the mouse around, you will see a line extend out from that point

  • Click the section of the house where the custom measurement should end (Point B)

  • A solid black line with the linear ft measurement will be left on the 3D model

TO REMOVE THE CUSTOM MEASUREMENT - press the "M" key on your keyboard, again. The solid black line and measurement will disappear.

TO RETURN YOUR MOUSE TO AN ARROW RATHER THAN THE + SIGN, press the "M" key on your keyboard one more time.

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