HOVER Prospect
Capture any property and save the photos to process them later with HOVER Prospect.
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What is it?

HOVER Prospect allows you to capture and store unlimited property photos at no cost, and order the measurements and 3D model when you are ready. 

See it in action

Get started step by step

Step 1 - Set up users to only capture photos

  • Go to the “Manage Team” tab on the online platform.

  • Choose which team members’ properties require approval before processing and change their permissions to “jobs needs approval.”

Step 2 - Your team can take pictures of any property and submit them for review

Step 3 - Approve the property or leave it in the queue 

  • Once the salesperson submits the pictures with the HOVER app, you will see the photos of the house in your property portfolio. Now, you can either approve the property or leave it in the queue for later. 

  • Note that the fully measured 3D model will follow once you have approved the photos and they have been processed.  

Step 4 - Receive the 3D model and measurements for the jobs you approve 

  • You will receive an email and push notification when the interactive 3D model and all the exterior measurements are ready. 

Learn more 

Discover here how Neighborhood Restoration Company has been able to complete more jobs and fix damaged homes quicker by using HOVER Prospect. 


  • Will I be billed for all properties that my team members submit? No, you will only be billed for the properties that you approve for processing. 

  • Can only one or multiple people approve jobs? Any amount of users can approve jobs as long as they are HOVER admins.

  • What happens to the properties that I don't approve? The properties will stay available in your property portfolio. You can either approve them down the line or archive them.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any other questions! We’ll gladly help. 

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