HOVER Renderings utilize our 3D technology and specially trained HOVER 3D artists to transform existing Complete 3D models into a fully detailed, photo-realistic representation of a given project scope.

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Unseen is unsold

With HOVER Renderings you can bring design ideas to life with a beautifully rendered, photo-realistic vision. Build confidence and trust with property owners who are eager to complete a big-ticket renovation project by helping them see the potential in their properties.

Grow your business with HOVER Renderings

  • Visualize the full project - Incorporate multiple trades into a single rendering, creating a complete visual representation of the work to be done

  • Inspire your customers - Seamlessly integrate design services into your sales process and turn sources of inspiration into reality

  • Build trust and confidence - Gain consensus on the project scope with customers so that they know what to expect from the start

What if it’s a new construction job?

The benefits of better visualization are enhanced for new construction jobs, as well! It may be the first time the property owner has seen their vision portrayed in a realistic way, deepening their commitment to the project.

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