In this article, we cover how to order a HOVER Rendering for a property in your portfolio as well as how to request a revision, when needed.


  1. Let’s get started

  2. Complete the submission form

  3. How to upload additional files

  4. Retrieve Rendering

  5. Request a revision

Let's get started

HOVER Renderings rely on our 3D technology to transform existing Complete 3D models into a fully detailed, photo-realistic representation of a given project scope. Follow the steps below to order a rendering for your Complete 3D model:

  • Log into your HOVER account by visiting from a desktop browser

  • Click on the property in your portfolio

    • The property details page will open


NOTE: The “START YOUR RENDERING” button is also visible in the mobile app.

Complete the submission form

The “START YOUR RENDERING” button immediately opens the “HOVER Rendering Request Form”. Click the blue arrow in the bottom right corner to begin the process of filling out the form.

In the submission form, you'll be able to:

  • Multi-select the elements of the property you want to make changes to

  • Describe the changes by typing in detailed descriptions

  • Upload images that illustrate the changes you want to be made

Ex. Changes to Window and Trim:

What is a view?

A view is a perspective of the property, rendered in one image.

You can request up to (4) views per job. Those views can include any variations in perspective, angle, time of day, product and/or color combinations. Include everything that you want to see visualized - there’s no limit!

  • Want to see the front of a home styled in 4 different ways? We can do that.

  • Need to showcase the full property: front, back, and both sides? Done.

In the following example, the customer requested:

  • One view (front perspective)

  • Mid-day lighting

  • One version with black windows and doors

  • One version with black windows and doors AND white trim around the openings:

NOTE: Views need to be specified in the initial submission in order for them to be considered 1 rendering order. If you order your first view and want a second view afterward, you will need to submit a revision and it will be considered an order + a revision.

On the submission form, you’ll have an opportunity to enter detailed descriptions of your project scope for each corresponding trade.

There are two ways to communicate the scope of your project:

  1. You can type out your request(s) in the text fields within the submission form.

  2. You can upload additional files (e.g., screenshots from your HOVER 3D model, annotated sketches, pictures of specific products, etc.). We cover this in greater detail in the following section titled How to upload additional files.

While it’s completely optional to add additional images in conjunction with typing your requests in the submission form, the more detail you can provide, the better we can make your vision come to life!

How to upload additional files

To reduce confusion and greatly improve the accuracy of the first draft you receive,

we recommend uploading additional image files to your submission form.

Additional image files can include things like:

  • When filling out the customization requests on the submission form, select "Yes" if you would like to upload photos:

  • Once you’ve filled out the remainder of that page and clicked the arrow to continue, you’ll see a page that allows you to add up to (5) additional files.

    • If you have more than (5) files to upload, you can upload them in a zipped folder or email them to [email protected] and include your Job ID.

      • Drag and drop your image file into the gray box

      • Once fully uploaded, click the arrow to continue

NOTE: If you selected “No” previously, you will not see this page.

Retrieve Rendering

Once your first draft has been completed, you’ll receive an email notification. It will include a link that redirects you to the property details page on your HOVER account.

  • On the property details page, you’ll see a new section which will contain links to each rendering view you ordered.

  • Simply click the links to open your renderings:

Request a Revision

If you would like to request a revision, click Request Revision on the left side of the property details page:

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of revisions you request, but please be aware that you'll be charged for each revision cycle per your pricing plan. If there are errors in your initial rendering (e.g., something you requested was not correctly visualized), you will not be charged for corrections.

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