At HOVER, we’re always looking to improve our customers’ experience. Recently, we tested a new capture process within the app that temporarily replaced the original 8-photo grid experience.

If you used the new capture experience during the testing period, thank you for being one of the early adopters! We gathered a lot of feedback and data that will help us with future improvements to the HOVER app as we continue to develop the optimal capture process.

If you have any additional feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please email our Customer Support team at [email protected]


At this time, we’ve decided this new capture experience is not yet ready for rollout and are reverting all users to the 8-photo grid experience. There is nothing you need to do on your end. The in-app experience will update automatically on July 27th 2022.


The Test Capture Experience: With this experience, there was an in-app guide that directed users to take photos that completely circled the property and required each photo to overlap the previous one. This experience captured many different angles of the structure.

The 8-Photo Capture Experience: With this experience, there is an in-app grid which guides new and experienced users through the capture process. Users will be prompted to capture a minimum of 8 photos: each corner and side of the structure. Additional photos can be uploaded as well.


Check out the following articles for more information on how the 8-photo capture experience works:

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