In this article, we cover how to leverage the Verisk + HOVER integration when a HOVER job already exists and you're using X1 to do your estimate

NOTE: All Xactimate screenshots reference the X1 version. Some differences will exist if using Xactimate Online (XOR).

NOTE: The workflow outlined below shows the minimum amount of information required for the integration to function. You may need to enter more information for your specific process than is covered here. The workflow depends on the claim number matching between HOVER and Xactimate.

Request Data

Prior to starting this process, it is assumed that the HOVER job has already been completed and the measurements are ready to pull in to X1.

It is also assumed that the claim number on the HOVER job already matches the claim number in X1, exactly. If you need to edit the claim number within HOVER, that can be done in the mobile app or on the web portal:

  • On the Local Projects screen in Xactimate, click on your project so it’s highlighted in blue

  • Click on the house icon which is the 5th icon from the top, on the right side of the screen

  • A pop-up window titled “Request Data” will appear.

    • Select Property Data (even if you are using HOVER for just roof measurements)

    • Click NEXT

  • Select one of the HOVER exterior options from the provider drop-down list

  • Validate the data entered is correct and pay close attention to the Claim Number since that needs to match between HOVER and Xactimate

    • Click OK

  • You will immediately see a notification that says: "Succeeded"

Importing HOVER Data into Xactimate

  • You’ll receive a notification in X1 once the HOVER job is ready

  • Back on the Local Projects page, click the project so that it's highlighted in blue

  • Click on the pencil icon which is the 6th icon from the top, on the right side of the screen

  • On the new window, you’ll see the estimator tool on the left side of the screen. Under “Estimate” choose the “Sketch” tab

  • Click the icon in the top left corner of the sketch window

    • You'll see the HOVER measurement data is available to pull in

    • Click Import

  • The HOVER measurements and 2D/3D sketch will import into your estimate

  • From the estimator tool, you can click on the “Photos” tab to see all the imported photos for each structure in one place (including damage and annotated photos, if applicable).

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