In this article, we cover how to leverage the Verisk + HOVER integration when your claim includes multiple structures that you want included in a single estimate, while using the Xactimate Online (XOR) version.

NOTE: All Xactimate screenshots reference the Xactimate Online (XOR) version. Some differences will exist if using the desktop version, X1.

NOTE: The workflow depends on the claim number or lead number matching between HOVER and Xactimate. If you’re working in the home restoration business, you’ll see promptings for a lead number, but if you’re working in the insurance field, you’ll see promptings for a claim number.

Before Getting Started

For a refresher on what’s required to make this integration work, continue reading. Otherwise, you can skip to the heading: Workflow.


  • Multiple structures live in your HOVER account as separate "jobs"

  • For this integration, you will need to press the "request data" button in Xactimate for each additional structure


The main rule for claim numbers / lead numbers is simply to make sure the number format within Xactimate matches the number format within HOVER, exactly.

  • First Option: name each structure with the same exact claim number in both Xactimate and HOVER:

  • Second Option: name each structure with the claim number as well as a description of the particular structure on the property:


  • It makes no difference whether you’re using the new “Add Another Structure” button in the HOVER app or not. The integration workflow is the same, either way.

  • For reference, if you have this feature available, it can be found at the bottom of your Capture summary page:


  • On the Projects screen in Xactimate, click on your project so it’s highlighted in blue

  • Click on the house icon which is the 4th icon from the top, on the right side of the screen

  • A pop-up window titled “Request data” will appear.

  • Select one of the HOVER options from the provider drop-down list:

    • Use HOVER Roof for roof only measurements

    • Use HOVER Interior for interior floor plans/measurements

    • Use HOVER Roof and Walls for complete roof and elevation measurements

      • Validate that the data entered in the "Request data" window is correct

      • Click OK

  • You will immediately see a notification at the bottom of your screen that says: "Your request was processed successfully"

  • You'll be notified in Xactimate when the measurements are ready for the first structure:

  • Click on the same project again

  • Click on the house icon on the right side to request data

  • Follow the same steps to request data for the second structure

NOTE: Repeat steps as needed for additional structures, and wait until you receive notifications that all of the structures requested have measurements ready.

  • Now, open the project

  • You’ll see the estimator tool on the left side of the screen. Under “Estimate” choose the “Sketch” tab

  • Click the icon in the top left corner of the sketch window

    • You'll see all the HOVER data files available to pull in

    • Click Import to bring in the measurements for the top, highlighted record

  • The first sketch will appear:

  • To import the next structure, click the icon in the top left corner of the sketch window, again

    • You'll see all the HOVER data files available to pull in, again

    • Click Import to bring in the measurements for the next record in the list

    • Repeat as necessary for any additional structures

  • Once all the structures have been imported, you can navigate to the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner of the sketch screen to toggle over to the sketch file for any of the other structures

  • From the estimator tool, you can access the Measurement PDF.

    • Click on "Documents", and then click the Reports tab

    • Click the Documents tab

    • Click the Attached Docs tab

  • From the estimator tool, you can click on the “Photos” tab to see all the imported photos for each structure in one place (including damage and annotated photos, if applicable).

    • The photos will be ordered by which structure you imported first. For example, if you imported a primary building and then imported a shed, the photos of the primary building will be shown before the photos of the shed.

    • HOVER photos imported via the Verisk integration are labeled with the location they were taken around the property (i.e. Front, Front Right, Right, Back Right, etc.)

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