In this article, we cover how to leverage the Verisk + HOVER integration through Xactimate Mobile - which is compatible across mobile devices such as tablets and iPads, as well.

NOTE: The workflow outlined in the Video User Guide above shows the workflow primarily from an insurance carrier and/or adjuster's perspective and does not show the steps for HOVER interior jobs.

NOTE: The workflow outlined below shows the minimum amount of information required for the integration to function. You may need to enter more information for your specific process than is covered here.

Create a Project in Xactimate Mobile

  • Log in to Xactimate Mobile

  • Tap on the “+” sign in the top right corner of the screen

  • Enter the project details:

    • Project Name

    • Select a Profile

    • Choose Project Type

    • Type of Loss

  • Click “Create” at the bottom of the screen

  • On the next screen, the (3) most important pieces of information for the integration to work properly are:

    • Address

    • Claim Number

    • Claim Rep

  • Tap "Request Data" at the top of the page

  • Ensure that HOVER is the chosen provider

  • Click "Submit" and you'll receive a success notification

Capturing a Property in HOVER

  • When onsite at the loss location, open up the HOVER app

  • The Xactimate project will automatically appear as a HOVER "Draft" job - Tap to open the job:

  • All of the claim details auto-populate from Xactimate

  • Tap Take Photos

  • Capture the HOVER photos as normal -

    • For exteriors, walk around the property taking a photo of each face and corner

    • For interiors, follow the in-app instructions

  • Add damage photos, if desired

  • Tap Continue when done taking photos

  • Tap Finish so HOVER can start processing the job:

  • HOVER will notify you when the job is complete

Importing HOVER Data into Xactimate Mobile

  • You’ll receive a notification within Xactimate Mobile when the HOVER job is ready

  • Tap to open the project

  • Tap to download the project locally to your device

  • From the left side menu, click “Estimate” to automatically pull in the sketch

  • From the left side menu, click “Photos” to view the pictures which were taken onsite through the HOVER app (including damage and annotated photos, if applicable)

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