You can now invite homeowners to design their home in HOVER. After you capture photos of the property, your homeowner will receive an email that invites them to download HOVER and experience an easy to use design tool that allows them to try out new colors and materials on a 3D model of their own home. While designing their home, homeowners build excitement about the project and intent to book the job with you.

Homeowners get an easy-to-use design tool where they can explore what new colors and materials look like on their home exterior, but do not see measurements, prices, or actual materials. This allows you to provide new engagement tools to keep leads engaged before, between, or after appointments. This will not change the design experience you, as a PRO, will see and leverage as part of your sales process.

Inviting Homeowners to Design: How it works

You capture the house as normal and submit the job. From the property page you'll click on “Invite Homeowner to Design” and enter the homeowner’s email.

Then, be sure to tell the homeowner to look out for an email from HOVER and explain that they can try new colors and materials on their home exterior in the HOVER app. Once the model is built, the homeowner will receive an email from HOVER prompting them to download the app and start designing.

View Homeowner Design

After the homeowner accepts your invite to design, you’ll be able to see their design changes on their home 3D model. The homeowner can also opt to proactively share their design with you.

This can help you make a great impression with that homeowner with a specific scope or product selection that matches their tastes.

Want the homeowner to capture the house? Click here to read about inviting homeowners to capture a property. Homeowners who capture themselves also have the ability to design their home’s exterior.

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