HOVER has launched an upgraded, more intuitive capture process that replaces the 8-photo capture experience. Save time & effort with our new in-app capture guide!


Instead of prompting you to capture just 8 photos from the sides & corners of the building, our new in-app guide will direct you to take photos that completely circle the property. By capturing more angles of the home, in both landscape and vertical orientations, you'll see fewer failed jobs and faster results - and you'll never have to exit the camera between pictures.

When utilizing the upgraded capture process, you'll leave the property with confidence knowing you captured the structure correctly, even in complex situations!


When you're ready to take your first photo, an in-app prompt will remind you to back up and include the whole property, whenever possible.

Before you take the second photo, the app will instruct you to take a photo that overlaps the previous photo. To help determine this, the capture button will turn blue and pulse any time a good photo opportunity is in frame.

After the first two photos, you will continue to see the pulsing blue button and confidence-boosting messages, but the text instructions will no longer be displayed.


After capturing the property, you'll return to a Post-Capture page. From here, you can scrub through the photos by running a finger around the circle shown below. You will also have the option to add extra photos (e.g. close-ups of damage) at the bottom of the Post-Capture page.

Please Note: photos submitted under "Extra photos" will not be used to obtain overall measurements.


If you decide that the previous 8-Photo Capture Process will serve your needs better for a particular home, you can revert back to this method within the Settings menu of your HOVER app!

  • Navigate to Settings and click Account settings

  • If the new capture experience is enabled, you will see Upgraded capture selected on this screen

  • Clicking the Standard capture toggle will revert back to 8-photo capture.

Please Note: if you revert back to the 8-photo capture while you're mid-capture, you must start a new capture to see the change go into effect.


Will I be able to use my 3rd party integration?

Yes, the new capture experience will not affect your integration.

Will all the photos be in the PDF report?

Yes, they will be. If more photos are taken, there will be more photos in the PDF report.

Can I revert back to the 8-grid photo-taking experience?

While we hope you use this new experience whenever possible for each capture, if you do need to use the 8-grid photo-taking experience, there is an option in Account Settings to do so.

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