Capture Only: Take Photos Now, Order Later

Take photos onsite and only pay when you order measurements

Updated this week

Hover every property and only pay when you want to order your Hover measurements and 3D model. Have the data on hand when you need it: eliminate driving back to properties, canvass for leads, and upselling and retargeting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start a capture in your Hover app, as normal

  2. Select the ‘Save photos now, order later’ checkbox on the property info screen

3. Take photos of the property as usual and submit the job

4. Once the job appears on your properties page, you can click ‘Order’ and choose Roof Only or Complete

5. Your deliverables will be sent and you’ll be charged at your standard price

This feature is compatible with homeowner capture. Homeowners will still receive the 3D model, even if the professional does not upgrade.

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