HOVER job files can be exported in a variety of formats depending on your membership level.

Basic File Types

All paying customers receive the measurements PDF and the customizable 3D model for the jobs they submit, and have the ability to export the spreadsheet-compatible .xls version as well.

Advanced File Types

In addition to the Basic file types, customers on the Measure membership plan will be able to export XLS, XML & JSON file types as well.

Customers on the Scale & Transform membership plans can export the Basic file types as well as XLS, XML, JSON, .esx, and CAD files (SKP, DWG, & DXF).

To export a file:

  1. On your computer, visit www.hover.to/login

  2. From the homepage, locate the job you want to export by using the search bar. Click to open the job details.

  3. Select "export" and choose the file type you're looking for. When you hit "request", the file will download to your computer.

Having trouble with your file? Need access to advanced membership features? Reach out anytime to [email protected].

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