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Connecting HOVER to Beacon PRO+ while using pre-existing templates
Connecting HOVER to Beacon PRO+ while using pre-existing templates

Learn how to connect!

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Once you sign-up for Direct Ordering with Pre-Existing Templates, our team will set you up and then send you instructions on how to gain access through your Hover account. Below highlights those steps as well so you are set up for success!

1. Log into your HOVER account and at the top right of the screen, click the drop down next to your name and click on "Settings".

2. From there, click on "Integrations" and scroll to the bottom of the page (link here).

3. Click the “Connect” button next to Beacon PRO+

4. Sign into Beacon PRO+ to authorize the integration.

5. Once you have signed in, you will be taken back to HOVER and the integration should show that the integration is now connected.

Keep in mind, for Beacon PRO+, you will need to reconnect to Beacon PRO+ for one of the following reasons:

  1. You are using the same Beacon PRO+ email login across your various HOVER markets. Please note that the Roof Hub login must be unique per HOVER market.

  2. If you (or someone else) changed your Beacon PRO+ account password. You'll need to reconnect

  3. If you have not ordered from Beacon PRO+ in the past 30 days for the given HOVER market, you'll need to reconnect

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