Once you have generated a materials list for your project, you can place an order instantly without leaving the HOVER platform. The materials you buy from your supplier will already be mapped to your organization during onboarding, so all you need to do is add delivery details and send it off!

Once you've made any necessary edits to your materials list and confirmed the details are correct, just click on the "Order" button.

That will take you to a new page where you'll preview your supplier's pricing and availability.

When you click "Continue to billing & delivery", you will proceed to delivery details like adding a PO number and your preferred delivery date, time, and directions.

When you click "Submit Order," that full packet of information (the materials list with line item detail and the delivery direction) will be sent to your supplier to fulfill. If anything in your order requires a change, your supplier representative will contact you.

You can always review orders that were placed by clicking the link with the PO number on the production page for that project. Order details are also accessible in the account you have with your supplier.

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