Editing a materials list in the production console is easy. You can edit details for each line item, like selecting colors, changing the supplier branch name, or even adding line items. All your changes will be saved as you make them.

Here are some of the most common edits:

Adding or changing material color:

Your color options for each material will appear on a drop-down menu for each line item. If you need to add or change a color selection, just click on the drop-down and select from the available options.

Changing supplier branch:

Your organization will have set up a default supplier branch and added any other branches you may order from. The default branch will be pre-populated for each line item. If you need to add or change the branch, just click the drop-down menu for that line item and select a different branch from the options.

Adjusting material quantity:

The calculated material quantity will be pre-populated for you. The field is a text box, so you can click on the current quantity and type to replace it.

Adding a new material line item:

Clicking the "+" icon in the bottom left corner of your screen a d add the product information. If you're set up with a product search, it will populate the list of items in your catalog to select from. See this short video on how:

There are more things you can update and change using the same drop-down and text replacements that should be easy to identify when you're on the production page.

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