Onboarding is the process of customizing your organization's account to reflect your unique process.

If your organization completed onboarding for Direct Ordering, that means that the calculations for your material orders already reflect how you uniquely install jobs and order materials.

Some things your organization might have customized include:

  • Specifying which materials you sell

  • Creating custom packages and templates

  • Customizing calculations to meet specific installation requirements

  • Customizing questions and defaults in the project questionnaire

  • Integrating with your preferred supplier

  • Default waste factor by trade (Note: HOVER also calculates waste suggestions based on the attributes of each property which you can easily select)

During the onboarding process, your technical onboarding specialist will have rigorously tested the accuracy of your setup by comparing the material quantity outputs to those of jobs you previously installed. We make sure they match up so that you can be confident in your material calculations are correct every time.

If you're not sure if your company customized your account through onboarding, just ask the leadership at your organization.

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