In the HOVER mobile app, all users can: 

  • View details about their team members

Additionally, Admins can:

  • Update user permission levels (select which users' jobs require approval) 

  • Invite new team members 

Viewing Team Member Details

Anyone can view their team members profiles through the HOVER app. Just click the "Settings" button in the bottom right corner of the home page, then click "Team Members" to see the full list. If you're not an Admins, you'll be able to see each team member's settings, such as whether they're an Admin or if their jobs require approval, but not edit them. 

Updating User Permission Levels

As an Admin, you can manage your team members' permissions by choosing the team member(s) from the list whose permissions you want to update. On their profile page, you can turn on or off the "Job needs approval" option. If you're not logged in as an Admin, this option will be visible but not editable (greyed out).

Inviting New Team Members

As an Admin, you can invite new team members to join your team by clicking "Invite Team Members" on the Team Members page. Enter their name, email address and whether they're an Admin or their jobs need approval. Once you click "Send Team Invite," they'll receive an invitation to download HOVER and create their account with your team. 

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