HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into accurate exterior measurements. We provide these measurements on an interactive 3D model and in PDF format. 

What is included in the measurements PDF when you order a complete property?

  • A siding summary page - Take a look at this article to learn the latest on HOVER's trim measurements. 

  • A roof summary page

  • A measurement key

  • An elevations page 

  • A detailed breakdown of all exterior measurements

  • The pictures you took of the property

Accessing the measurements PDF

You can access the measurements PDF in-app or online. You can also print this PDF and export the measurements into Excel, XML, JSON, and CAD.  

Watch video

Check out the below video to learn which measurements are included in a Measurements PDF for a 'Complete order.'

Learn more

Make sure to take a look at The HOVER Measurements Glossary if you'd like to see an overview of all HOVER terminology. 

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