HOVER Connect allows you to invite a homeowner or other professional (such as a teammate or insurance adjuster) to capture a job with HOVER. You must be on the HOVER Membership plan in order to use the Connect feature.

How to Send a Connect Invite via the Mobile App

1. Start the capture process as normal, by clicking the "Capture" button on the home page of the app.

2. Enter the job details, and click "Invite to Capture" at the bottom of the page.

3. Fill in the information of the person you're inviting to capture the job - we need their name, email address and phone number.

4. You'll also select the "recipient type" - that indicates whether this person is the homeowner or another professional. Once you fill in all the fields click "Send Capture Invitation."

5. The recipient you entered will receive an invite to download HOVER both via email and text message. If the invited professional user already has an account, they will be alerted of their invitation and it will be added to their property list and categorized under "Photos needed."

6. While waiting for the photos, you can find this job under the "Photos needed" and "Sent invites" categories on your app home page.

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