Contractor's Eye users can choose to remain a Basic Contractor's Eye user or pay for a Contractor's Eye Membership to receive access to additional discounts and advanced features

Plan Comparison

Contractor's Eye Basic

Basic users pay per property and there’s no membership fee

Capture any size property

Basic users can capture any size property, including multi-family properties. The price per property depends on the complexity of the roof. More than 85% of properties fall within the simple and average bucket, ranging between $16 and $40. 

Quick roof square estimates 

Basic users also have access to quick roof square estimates with the Contractor's Eye Now feature for the flat rate price of $5 per property

Other benefits

Contractor's Eye Member

Contractor's Eye Members pay per property and have access to all the features of a Basic User plus, they receive access to powerful advanced features and substantial discounts with their membership.

Membership pricing is $54/user/month or save over $100 per year with our annual plan at $540/user/year. Per property pricing still applies. 

Work smarter & faster

Seize every opportunity

  • Save up to $100 on measurements and 3D models for super complex and multi-family properties (40+ facets) 
  • Unlimited storage for your property photos, measurements and 3D models – compare to 12 months for Basic users

Make the Contractor's Eye experience yours

  • Streamline your workflow with access to a rapidly growing number of integrations: JobNimbus, Leap To Digital, CompanyCam, and Symbility
  • Export your deliverables into XML, JSON, and CAD
  • Put your brand front and center by adding your logo to the Measurements PDF
  • Get the most out of Contractor's Eye by working with your dedicated account executive

Any questions? 

Feel free to reach out to us at any time at or (844)754-6837– we’ll gladly help. 

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