Beacon 3D+ users can choose to remain a Basic Beacon 3D+ user or pay for a Beacon 3D+ Membership to receive access to additional discounts and advanced features

Plan Comparison

Beacon 3D+ Basic

Basic users pay per property and there’s no membership fee

Capture any size property

Basic users can capture any size property, including multi-family properties. The price per property depends on the complexity of the roof. More than 85% of properties fall within the simple and average bucket, ranging between $20 and $50.

Quick roof square estimates 

Basic users also have access to quick roof square estimates with the Beacon 3D+ Now feature for the flat rate price of $5 per property

Other benefits

  • Capture any property and save the photos to process them later with the Beacon 3D+ Prospect feature
  • Store your property information for 12 months 

Beacon 3D+ Member

Beacon 3D+ Members pay per property and have access to all the features of a Basic User plus, they receive access to powerful advanced features and substantial discounts with their membership.

Membership pricing is $54/user/month or save over $100 per year with our annual plan at $540/user/year. Per property pricing still applies. 

Work smarter & faster

Seize every opportunity

  • Save up to $100 on measurements and 3D models for super complex and multi-family properties (40+ facets) 
  • Unlimited storage for your property photos, measurements and 3D models – compare to 12 months for Basic users

Make the Beacon 3D+ experience yours

  • Streamline your workflow with access to a rapidly growing number of integrations: JobNimbus, Leap To Digital, CompanyCam, and Symbility
  • Export your deliverables into XML, JSON, and CAD
  • Put your brand front and center by adding your logo to the Measurements PDF
  • Get the most out of Beacon 3D+ by working with your dedicated account executive

Any questions? 

Feel free to reach out to us at any time at or (844)754-6837– we’ll gladly help. 

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